The Mirror Box


There comes a time in everyone’s life when protection is
needed from outside negative forces. This is especially true
for those involved in Witchcraft and the magickal arts. For
some reason, it seems to be the delight of neophyte Witches
to psychically attack their peers solely for the sheer delight
of doing it. In such cases, where ignorance is the motive, the
offending individual warrants some time in the mirror box.
The mirror box is a reflective tool for turning one’s own
spitefulness against others. There is no need to thrust pins
in a doll, invoke the demons of hell, or call upon the grim
reaper. A simple returning of negativity will suffice. Use common sense and think before you act. This doesn’t mean you
must turn the other cheek, or become a living martyr, but
rather be reasonable and don’t join your rivals in the gutter

Begin this spell on a Thursday night just before the moon
turns new. Place the box on a table facing the direction where
your enemy lives. Dress the candle with sandalwood oil as
you chant:
It is not to hate or burn,
Just your evil to return.
Place the candle on top of the box and lean the photograph or handwriting against it. Light the candle. Focus your
attention on the photograph to create a mental link with the
person and chant:
All that is evil and sent to me
Is reflected back and returned to thee.
This magickal box shall hold you tight
As your evilness turns against you this night.
All that you have sent to me
Shall now be returned by law of three.
Lift the candle off the box, being careful not to extinguish it. Open the box and place the picture inside. Close
the lid and replace the candle on top of the box. Allow the
candle to burn for one hour. Repeat this spell for three consecutive nights. On the third night, seal the box shut with
wax from the candle, then allow the black candle to burn
out. Bury the box or store it in a safe place. If the person in
the box continues to vex you, repeat the spell.

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