Physical Properties of the Pentacle


When performing a magickal rite, it is important that
the symbols you use convey your objective. As an agency of
the Earth element, the pentacle makes the ideal surface on
which to place your symbolic representations during ritual.
Because the pentacle will be serving as the host to your
magickal objectives, it is important to consider the physical
properties of the pentacle itself. These include: the substance you make your pentacle from, color, and inscriptions
or engravings.

Wood is symbolic of the mother, the Goddess, and
wisdom. Wood makes an ideal pentacle, and is very easy to work with. Wood absorbs and radiates energy, infusing the
focused thought forms into the objects placed upon it.
Choose the wood for your pentacle according to the natural
vibrations you would like it to have.
Apple: Belongs to Aphrodite, Venus, Freya, Ishtar,
Cerridwen, and the element of Water; used for love, passion, fertility, foundation, and inspiration.
Ash: Corresponds to the gods Neptune, Odin, and Mercury
and the elements of Air and Water; aids in mental clarity.
Birch: Associated with the mysteries of the Goddess; the
elements of Earth, Air, and Water; is used in making parchment; contributes to health, healing, and general magick.
Hawthorn: Belongs to Mars, Thor, Blodeuwedd, and Hera;
the elements of Fire and Earth; allows access to the underworld; is protective, cleansing, and helps to manifest desire.
Hazel: Equates with Mercury, Hermes, Woden, and Thor;
the elements of Air and Water; is associated with dowsing,
divination, finding hidden things, and developing wisdom.
Maple: Corresponds to Jupiter; the element of Air; promotes
love, longevity, and material success.
Oak: Associated with Zeus, Thor, Juno, Diana, Rhea,
Demeter, Dagda, Bridget; the elements of Fire and Earth,
and sometimes Water; permits entrance into the mysteries,
is a keeper of knowledge, and promotes courage, spiritual
strength, and protection.
Pine: Aligns with Mars, Freya, Osiris, Cybele; the element of
Fire; helps with birth, purification, insight, and divination.

Metals are the bones of the Earth; the reflection of the
powers of the God and Goddess. Metals are beautiful, they
conduct energy, and they were considered to be sacred in ancient times. In addition to their temporal qualities, each
metal is aligned with a planetary energy that influences all it
comes in contact with. Most New Age and Occult shops carry
a variety of planetary pentacles for practitioners to choose
from. The following six metals are most often used in the
construction of altar pentacles.
Silver: Associated with the Moon, Artemis, Selene, Hecate,
Diana, Sin, Shiva; the element of Water; encourages the feminine mystique, intuition, instinctive wisdom, spiritual and
psychic understanding, fertility, and magick.
Gold: Belongs to the Sun, Apollo, Dionysius, Helios, Sol,
Vishnu, Ra; the element of Fire; develops strength, power,
success, achievement, wealth, and masculine energy.
Copper: Corresponds to Venus, Aphrodite, Ishtar, Lakshmi,
Bast; the elements Water and Fire; aids with matters of the
heart, love, passion, friendship, reconciliation of differences,
harmony, beauty, and attraction.
Tin: Associated with Jupiter, Zeus, Athens, Poseidon,
Minerva, Marduk, and Indra; the element of Water; helps
with idealism, expansion, attracting success, obtaining justice, religious leadership, and prosperity.
Iron: Belongs to Mars, Volcanus, Durga, and Sekhmet; the
element of Fire; supports dynamic energy, enthusiasm, courage, bodily strength, and war.
Lead: Corresponds to Saturn, Hera, Kronos, Saeturnus,
Parvati, Kali, and Ptah; the element of Earth; encourages
creativity, the bringing of ideas into material form, restriction, formation, discipline.

Stone is the symbol of stability, durability, immorality,
cohesion, and the indestructibility of the supreme reality. Stones often accompany trees in sacred places, or stand alone
to mark a sacred place or event. The Stone of Foundation is
the rock on which the universe was founded, the keystone of
the Earth and source of the waters of life, the rock that prevails against Hades and the powers of the underworld. The
stones listed here are ones that usually come in slices or sections large enough to fashion into a pentacle.
Agate: Associated with Mercury; the elements of Earth and
Fire; helps to build courage, strength, and self healing, is
good for protection.
Beryl: Corresponds to Neptune, Tiamat, Mara; the element
of Water; can be used for healing, love, and to stop gossip.
Calcite: Equates with Venus; the element of Water, aids in
centering, spiritual endeavors, purification, protections, and
Geodes: Associated with the Great Mother; the element of
Water; are used for meditation and fertility.
Malachite: Corresponds to Venus; the element of Earth; is
good to use for love, peace, business success , and power.
Petrified Wood: Is not an actual stone but rather a fossil
that is associated with the Akasha and the elements; most
often used for past-life regression, healing, and protection.

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