Huldra is a seductive forest spirit from Norse mythology that has been known to offer rewards to those who satisfy them sexually and death to those who fail to do so. It is said the huldra are a type of troll, but much smaller.

These longhaired blonde beauties lure men into the woods by their lovely singing and appearance to do their bidding or simply as mates or pets. If betrayed, the huldra are known to punish their victims severely.

She is prone to stealing human babies and replaces them with her own child (a huldrebarn).

If she decides to marry a human man, the huldra can no longer keep her identity secret because during the marriage ceremony when a priest blesses her, the glamour leaves her revealing who she really is. Some sources say she looses her tail if she enters a church or is blessed, but her nature remains and if the man mistreates her, she will turn incredibly ugly and the man will suffer.

From the front, the huldra is a beautiful young woman but also has a cow’s tale and whose back appears to be like a hollowed out tree. Most men would most likely run away once they caught sight of the tail. In Sweden, the huldra is said to have the tail of a fox.


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