Friendship Spell


This spell is done to create friendship or make a friendship stronger.

You will need a red candle to represent yourself and a pink candle to represent your friend.

On the night of the full moon, write your name on the red candle and your friend’s name on the pink candle.

Place the candles opposite each other on a table, about one foot apart.

Light your candle, light your friend’s candle, and chant the following:

As the candle flame doth flicker and glow
So this friendship shall blossom and grow.

In your mind’s eye, visualize you and your friend together, sharing warm moments and having a good time.

When the vision begins to fade, snuff out the candles.

Repeat each night until the next full moon.

At this time, allow the candles to burn out.

The spell is ended and your friendship should be going strong.



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