Fairy Garden Money Spell


Gardens, especially ones designed with a purpose, will attract good fairies, gnomes, and all manner of beneficial creatures. Cultivate a nine-foot circular patch of earth.

Around the perimeter, place small stones and crystals.

In the centre of the circle place a stone garden gnome.

Around the gnome, plant a mixture of marigolds and clover.

Each day, spend some time with the gnome. Make friends with him and beseech him to make your wealth grow as the
garden does. To ensure he follows your wishes, chant the following each time you water the garden.

Nature spirits everywhere
My love and energy I now share.
With cool water this charge I give
Plants now grow, blossom, and live,
Your gift of wealth I seek to share
In return, I give you loving care.

As the garden grows, so will your wealth and prosperity.



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