Goddess, transcendence, immanence, omnipresence, the void,  all and nothing, within and without, the center of the universe and the Self. Location/ Direction: Center; up, down and all around. Colour: Purple or white, rainbow, black. Season: The cycle itself. Season of Life: All life, life beyond death, rebirth. Time: Beyond time,[…]

Spirit Correspondences

The Theban alphabet otherwise known as the witch’s alphabet or runes of Honorious is believed to have emerged in the medieval period when cabbalistic practices were prominent among European magicians. Theban was first published in a book called the Polygraphia in 1518. This book was written by Johannes Trithemius. Before[…]

The Theban Alphabet 

I respect the solitary witches who blaze your own trails, walk your own paths, and listen to your own gods. It can be a lonely, yet rewarding, life. It is not for the faint of heart. From the solitary we can all learn self-reliance and how to listen to our[…]

A Call for the Respect of your Fellow Witch