Befana  is an old woman who delivers gifts to children throughout Italy on Epiphany Eve (the night of January 5).

A popular belief is that her name derives from the Feast of Epiphany or in Italian La Festa dell’Epifania. .

In popular folklore Befana visits all the children of Italy on the eve of the Feast of the Epiphany to fill their shoes with candy and presents if they are good. Or a lump of coal or dark candy if they are bad. In many parts of Italy and in particular rural Sicily, a stick in a stocking was placed instead of coal. Being a good housekeeper, many say she will sweep the floor before she leaves. To some the sweeping meant the sweeping away of the problems of the year. The child’s family typically leaves a small glass of wine and a plate with a few morsels of food, often regional or local, for the Befana.

She is usually portrayed as an old lady riding a broomstick through the air wearing a black shawl and is covered in soot because she enters the children’s houses through the chimney. She is often smiling and carries a bag or hamper filled with candy, gifts, or both.

Mi hanno detto, cara Befana,
che tu riempi la calza di lana,
che tutti i bimbi, se stanno buoni,
da te ricevono ricchi doni.
Io buono sono sempre stato
ma un dono mai me l’hai portato.
Anche quest’anno nel calendario
tu passi proprio in perfetto orario,
ma ho paura, poveretto,
che tu viaggi in treno diretto:
un treno che salta tante stazioni
dove ci sono bimbi buoni.
Io questa lettera ti ho mandato
per farti prendere l’accelerato!
O cara Befana, prendi un trenino
che fermi a casa d’ogni bambino,
che fermi alle case dei poveretti
con tanti doni e tanti confetti.


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