: 1. Tune in to how you are feeling in your current state. Feel what brought you to this magick regardless of what it is. Breathe and tune into your current state of being. 2. Feel what your desire is and feel that sensation of lacking your desire. How does[…]

The Ritual Method for Goetic Words of Power

Celtic Wicca is a modern tradition of Wicca that incorporates some elements of Celtic mythology. It employs the same basic theology, rituals and beliefs as most other forms of Wicca. Celtic Wiccans use the names of Celtic deities, mythological figures, and seasonal festivals within a Wiccan ritual structure and belief[…]

Celtic Wicca

Druidry and Wicca are two entirely separate and distinct spiritual paths. If you follow Druidism there is no need to study or be involved in Wicca, and vice versa. But there are a number of similarities between the two paths, and some people combine Druid and Wiccan ideas or practices,[…]

Wicca & Druidcraft

Huldra is a seductive forest spirit from Norse mythology that has been known to offer rewards to those who satisfy them sexually and death to those who fail to do so. It is said the huldra are a type of troll, but much smaller. These longhaired blonde beauties lure men[…]


  Paganism is a way of seeing the world and your place in it. It means challenging the assumptions of mainstream society and strengthening your relationships with the gods, the universe, your community, and your self. The Path of Paganism provides practical advice and support for honouring your values and[…]

The Path of Paganism

For this spell you will need the following materials: * A pen and paper * Patchouli oil * A green candle and holder * Several coins * Chamomile flowers * Sea salt Ground and center. On the paper, draw a symbol for money, such as a dollar sign, and the[…]

Triple Circle Money Spell

  Befana  is an old woman who delivers gifts to children throughout Italy on Epiphany Eve (the night of January 5). A popular belief is that her name derives from the Feast of Epiphany or in Italian La Festa dell’Epifania. . In popular folklore Befana visits all the children of[…]


Goddess, transcendence, immanence, omnipresence, the void,  all and nothing, within and without, the center of the universe and the Self. Location/ Direction: Center; up, down and all around. Colour: Purple or white, rainbow, black. Season: The cycle itself. Season of Life: All life, life beyond death, rebirth. Time: Beyond time,[…]

Spirit Correspondences

The Theban alphabet otherwise known as the witch’s alphabet or runes of Honorious is believed to have emerged in the medieval period when cabbalistic practices were prominent among European magicians. Theban was first published in a book called the Polygraphia in 1518. This book was written by Johannes Trithemius. Before[…]

The Theban Alphabet 

I respect the solitary witches who blaze your own trails, walk your own paths, and listen to your own gods. It can be a lonely, yet rewarding, life. It is not for the faint of heart. From the solitary we can all learn self-reliance and how to listen to our[…]

A Call for the Respect of your Fellow Witch

Garlic – anti-viral, antibiotic, and antiseptic. Onion – great for coughs and raw onion keeps the respiratory tract open. Ginger – antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. In addition to treating cold/flu, ginger is excellent for nausea and vomiting. Sage – carminative, antiseptic, and astringent – the mouth and throat plant. Used for[…]

Home Remedies for Colds and Flu

In the mundane world, when people use the word crone, they usually envision a shriveled old woman, bent and wrinkled. It is not a compliment. If you’re a woman and you overhear your blind date referring to you on his cell phone as an old crone, feel free to hit[…]

The Crone

Gather around let me tell you about this amazing old folk magical art that has pretty much been utilized by cultures around the world. for those of you that are a little crafty this could be something for you to work with. It does not matter if you are not[…]

Cord magick

Cascarilla is powdered egg shell. The shells are so finely ground that it feels as soft as baby powder. Any Botanica or store that caters to New Age and Magick ritual will have Cascarilla. You will most normally see it packed into what I call a “ketchup cup.” When removed[…]

Cascarilla Powder

Planetary Associations: Sun and Jupiter Gender: Masculine Element: Air Deities: Brigit, Flidais, Macha, Aengus, Mac Óg, Dagda, Manannan Mac Lír Folklore: Mistletoe has always been considered a magical, good luck plant. Lovers who kiss beneath it will have lasting happiness and carrying. A sprig on your person will ensure good[…]

Mistletoe Magick

I am the Goddess of a thousand names and infinite capacity. All Her gifts are mine. All Her powers reside in me. I am Athena of Greece. Like my totem the owl, I am wise for I see and hear everything around and within me. Like the oak, I am[…]

For the Goddess

How does herbal magick work, anyway? A sachet of leaves tucked under a pillow, a handful of berries strewn across a doorway: Herbal charms and remedies are one of the most familiar forms of magick. Herbal (“green”) witches keep elaborate pantries of herbal ingredients, each with a different power to[…]

Four Theories of how Herbal Magick may Work

This holiday was celebrated on the evening before Yule started (mostly the evening of December 20). During Mothernight (Old Norse: Modraniht) nightly sacrifices were made to the “mothers”, the word “mother” referred to female ancestors in this context Midwinter/Yule (*Jegwla = The Yelling): Midwinter, also known as Yule (Anglo-Saxon), Jól[…]


Items you will need: 9 Bay Leaves 1 Gold Candle Red Thread A Muslin bag or any natural fabric made into a little sack   At the top of the bag sew 3 little X’s with the Red thread. This Blessing should be done on the night of a Waning[…]

Blessing Charm for an Infant

Anubis (Egyptian) : The jackal headed god. Anubis is the gatekeeper to the underworld a protector and a guardian. Anubis can walk with you during challenging magickal situations. He can help to remove fear so you can find the courage to do what needs to be done. Colors: Green and[…]

Deities for protection

Items needed: 3’ length of red silk cord, Love-drawing oil. Love-drawing incense One red candle that will burn for at least seven hours.   Begin this spell on a Monday during the waxing moon. Place the red candle in the centre of your altar and light the incense. Use a[…]

Candle of Love Spell

Items needed: One glass sauce pan, dove’s blood ink, a small paint brush, sweet red wine, a metal tea ball, one cup honey, and the following herbs: 3 fresh mint leaves, 7 rosebud petals, 1 pinch orange zest (orange peel), 1 pinch coriander, and 1 pinch basil. Put the herbs[…]

Love Drawing Potion

You just can’t help associating glowing cauldrons and magickal potions with Witchcraft. Cartoons, movies, and fairy tales are filled with enchanting sorceresses whispering over steaming philters of fascination. One drink, and you are forever under her spell. Or, in a less favorable light, there is always a haggard old crone[…]


Fashion small sticks of applewood into a human frame and cover with green cotton cloth to form the poppet. Fill with the following coarsely ground herbs: angelica, eucalyptus, ginseng, life everlasting, peppermint, spearmint, and wintergreen. Attach a photograph of the person to be healed to the poppet. Begin the spell[…]

The Healing Poppet

This poppet will help you land a new job, get a promotion, or achieve that special goal. You will need to make a doll out of a piece of your clothing. Coarsely grind equal amounts of the following herbs: cinnamon, bay, marigold, orange peel, rosemary, witch hazel. Fill the poppet[…]

Personal Success Poppet

The intention of this spell is to bind two people together. The first thing you need to do is make two poppets from red cloth. Leave one end of each poppet open for stuffing. Fill each poppet with equal amounts of the following. Ground herbs: clove, orris root, blessed thistle,[…]

Love Binding Spell

A poppet is a doll fashioned from cloth or clay to represent a person or persons at whom a spell is directed. The cloth doll is usually stuffed with Spanish moss, to give it form, and herbs that correspond with the primary intention of the spell. When clay is used,[…]


Saturn Glyph Symbols Scythe, key, double axe Deities Saturn, Kronos, Hera, Kali, Net Archangel Cassiel Day Saturday Color Black Number Three Metal Lead Stones Onyx, obsidian, jet, hematite, apache tear Incense Patchouli, Myrrh Plants Belladonna, hemlock, ladyslipper, yew Trees Beech, yew, elm, ebony, cypress Animals Goat, spider, goose, bat Saturn[…]

Planetary Correspondence, Saturn

Venus Glyph Symbols Mirror, girdle, shell Deity Venus, Aphrodite, Ishtar, Lakshmi, Bast Archangel Anael Day Friday Colors Green, turquoise, luminescent greenish white Number Seven Metal Copper Stone Emerald, jade, lapis lazuli, chrysocolla, coral Incense Rose, lilac, violet Plants Rose, iris, orchid, orris, passion flower, vanilla Trees Apple, cherry, avocado, fig[…]

Planetary Correspondence, Venus

Jupiter Glyph Symbols Thunderbolt, trident, crown Deities Zeus, Athena, Jupiter, Minerva, Tinia, Marduk, Maat Archangel Sachiel Day Thursday Colors Purple, dark blue Number Four Metal Tin Stones Amethyst, lepidolite, sugilite Incense Pine, sandalwood, clove Plants Borage, sage, betony, nutmeg Tree Juniper, cedar, pine, sycamore Animals Whale, swan, eagle Jupiter corresponds[…]

Planetary Correspondence, Jupiter

Glyph Symbols Pentagram, lance, scourge Deities Mars, Volcanus, Durga, Sekhmet Archangel Samuel Day Tuesday Colors Red, burgundy Number Five Metal Iron Stones Bloodstone, flint, onyx, garnet, ruby Incense Dragonsblood, galangal, tobacco Plants Bloodroot, ginger, snapdragon, nettle Trees Rowan, ash, pepper tree Animals Ram, wolf, scorpion, salamander Mars is dynamic energy,[…]

Planetary Correspondence, Mars

Glyph Symbols Crescent, cup, silver sickle Deities Hecate, Selene, Diana, Thoth Archangel Gabriel Day Monday Colors Silver, white, Number Two Metal Silver Stones Moonstone, pearl, chalcedony, mother of pearl Incense Jasmine, lotus, ylang-ylang Plants Lily, hyacinth, iris, narcissus Trees Willow, hawthorn Animals Crab, owl, vulture, horse There are more myths[…]

Planetary Correspondence, The Moon

Glyph Symbols Hexagram, diadem, alchemical crucible Deities Apollo, Sol, Dionysos, Helios, Bridget, Aine, Macha Archangel Michael Day Sunday Colors Gold, yellow Numbers One or six Metal Gold Stones Diamond, amber, clear quartz, topaz Incense Frankincense, sandalwood Plant Bay, cinnamon, heliotrope, marigold, orange Trees Oak, pine Animals Lion, hawk, bull The[…]

Planetary Correspondence, The Sun

Millions of years old, from ancient Babylon to modern times, the planets have always symbolized the essential forces of the universe. Equated with the gods, endowed with magickal attributes, and viewed as lights of influence, then and now the planets affect all aspects of daily life. The sun and the[…]


When performing a magickal rite, it is important that the symbols you use convey your objective. As an agency of the Earth element, the pentacle makes the ideal surface on which to place your symbolic representations during ritual. Because the pentacle will be serving as the host to your magickal[…]

Physical Properties of the Pentacle

No other symbol is more widely associated with Witchcraft than the pentacle, a round disk engraved with a pentagram (five-pointed star). The circle surrounding the pentagram is the universal symbol of totality. The pentagram itself symbolizes the human microcosm. It also represents the five elements: Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and[…]


The sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses humans have. Connected on a primal level to the unconscious, smell reacts without your conscious knowledge or will. Tied to memory, scent can bring pleasure, alert to danger, cause revulsion, and affect health. Every odor that you perceive causes[…]


To analyze an individual using numerology, begin with the date of birth number. This represents the subject’s inborn characteristics and is known as the personality number. Next you will want to analyze the name number by which your subject is best known. It will show traits developed during life. Your[…]

Numerology Analysis

One: Number one stands for all that is strong, individual, and creative. Number one people have an unswerving drive towards achievement. They are powerful characters, positive and self-reliant, and can be assertive. Most ones are ambitious and aggressive. They have excellent powers of concentration and good memories, and are natural[…]

Numbers and their Meanings

Numerology is believed to be one of the oldest forms of divination. The ancient Egyptians and Babylonians held theories of the occult significance of numbers. During the Middle Ages, numbers were especially important to the Kabbalists, whose mystical system was based on a numerical system called gematria and the 22[…]


Items needed: One tsp. each patchouli, sandalwood, and clove, an incense brazier, self-igniting charcoal, and a small white stone inscribed with the following protection sigil: When the moon is no longer visible, place a piece of charcoal in your brazier and light it. Mix the herbs together and sprinkle them[…]

Waning Moon Protection Charm

Items needed: One red candle and one white candle, 1 tsp. each of ginseng, jasmine, and lovage, three drops each of rose oil, lavender oil, and violet oil, a small white plate, a piece of parchment paper, and one 9” strip of red ribbon. On the day of the full[…]

Full Moon Love Spell

Items needed: One silver candle, 1 tsp. ground allspice, almond oil. On the night of the waxing moon, inscribe the silver candle with the exact amount of money you need. Rub the candle with the almond oil as you chant the following: As the moon doth wax and grow So[…]

Waxing Moon Money Spell

Items needed: Clear glass bowl, a one-liter bottle of spring water, silver paint, sprig of jasmine, moonstone, two white altar candles, gardenia incense and oil, small paint brush, and usual altar tools. Use the silver paint to inscribe the following symbol on the outside bottom of the bowl: Set your[…]

Full Moon Blessing Rite

The moon, like the sun, rises in the East and sets in the West. Unlike the sun, the appearance of its size and shape continually change, at least from our earth-bound perspective. In a lunar month there are four cycles of approximately seven days. The phases the moon goes through include[…]

The Moon

There comes a time in everyone’s life when protection is needed from outside negative forces. This is especially true for those involved in Witchcraft and the magickal arts. For some reason, it seems to be the delight of neophyte Witches to psychically attack their peers solely for the sheer delight[…]

The Mirror Box

The most versatile mirror for augury is full length, has three panels, and provides a view of three sides of an image at once. When this triple reflective quality is combined with candlelight, it creates a very mystical effect. A full moon night is advised for scrying. Stand the mirror[…]

Mirror Gazing

The mirror signifies truth, self-knowledge, wisdom, and the soul. It is considered to be a reflection of the supernatural or divine intelligence behind creativity. The mirror also symbolizes the moon, due to its ability to reflect light. Magickally, the mirror can be used to divine the future, create protective devices,[…]


Items needed: Eight pieces of iron or iron nails, one black candle, a dish of salt, and protection incense. Place the candle on the floor near your front door. Encircle the candle with the iron pieces and then with a ring of salt. Place the dish of salt on the[…]

Iron Protection Ritual

Items needed: Seven copper pennies, one copper bracelet, one green candle, and a green velvet pouch. Begin on the night of the new moon. Place all the items called for on your altar. Cast the magick circle, and light the green candle as you say: Power of Venus on this[…]

The Copper Love Charm

Items needed: Gold filings or nuggets, small dish, sunflower petals, and 10 coins. Place the dish in the sunlight. Focus your attention on the dish. Visualize the dish filling with money, cascading over the edge like a waterfall of gold. See in your mind’s eye gold, coins, and money filling[…]

Gold Money Magick

Ever since Vulcan, son of Jupiter, created thunderbolts in his underground forge, the power of metal magick as been a closely guarded secret. In Western alchemy, it was believed that the metals found on earth were influenced by their corresponding planetary rulers. Each metal was then named after a planet,[…]

Planetary Metals

Shaped like a human being, the mandrake (Mandragora) is a plant that has long been associated with Witchcraft. It is highly toxic and produces a narcotic effect when ingested internally—something that is not recommended! The important thing when selecting a mandrake is to find one in the shape of the[…]


Items needed: One red candle at least 8” long, seven pieces of paper measuring 3” x 1”, one pen, one knife. Write the name of the one you desire on each piece of paper. Fold each piece lengthwise twice, so that you have seven pieces of paper 3” long and[…]

Seven Day Love Spell

This spell is considered by most Gypsies to be very potent. Timing is the most important ingredient of this spell. Step One: Cut a blade of grass 7” long at midnight during the full moon. Step Two: Before the clock strikes 1 a.m., you must hold the blade of grass[…]

Ancient Gypsy Love Spell

Items needed: One sheet of white parchment paper, love drawing incense (mix together 2 tbsp. each of sandalwood, lavender buds, orris root powder. To the powdered mixture add six drops rose oil and one drop cherry oil), church charcoal and censer, one red and one green candle, basic altar tools.[…]

A Smoke and Fire Love Spell

Items needed: Small, heart shaped box, love-drawing incense, love-drawing oil, pink candle, parchment paper, pen, rose quartz, some of your own hair, orris root powder, charcoal, and matches. Perform this spell on the first Friday after the moon turns new. To prepare, center and ground yourself. Light the charcoal. Inscribe[…]

The Love Box

Since the beginning of time, men and women have sought each other out, spending endless hours searching for ways to win each other’s favour, only to discover their love is not being reciprocated. As most of us know, this can be a painful and disappointing experience, one that usually leads us[…]

Love Spells

Items needed: Oil lamp with a gold coloured or brass base, yellow lamp oil, lemon oil, yellow ribbon, yellow glass paint. On the bottom of the lamp, write your friend’s name and your name and draw the following sigil: Fill the lamp with yellow lamp oil, add three drops of[…]

A Spell to Rekindle a Friendship

The lamp has four distinct parts. The base of the lamp corresponds to the element of earth and is the foundation upon which you will structure your magickal work. The globe represents the element of air and is a reflection of your intention. The wick that burns becomes the element[…]

Lamp Magick

The lamp and the lantern are symbolic representations of life, the light of divinity, immortality, the intellect, guidance, and transitions in life. The striking or extinguishing of a lamp signifies the birth or death of someone. Since the lamp brings light to darkness it corresponds to truth and wisdom. The[…]


If you feel that a specific person is out to do you or others harm, this simple spell should stop them in their tracks. Items needed: Photograph of the person to be bound, one black candle, one 9” piece of black cord, and a box filled with dirt. On the[…]

Protection Binding Spell

This spell is best used when two people are already in love. I don’t recommend this spell to bind people against their will, especially in the case of a separation or divorce. Items needed: One 9” length of red cord, photographs of you and the one you desire, two red[…]

Knots of Love Binding Spell

Knot magick, sometimes referred to as cord magick, relies mainly on the powers of concentration and visualization. The cord and tying of the knots are points of focus that will link the thought-form to the individual or situation and bind it, or hold it in position. This type of magick[…]

Knot magick

The knot is a symbol of linking, bonding, or the connection to protective powers. The Egyptians used the knot to symbolize life and immortality. The Isis knot, which resembles an ankh with its arms at its sides, was widely used as an amulet of binding and release. It represented the[…]


The key is symbolic of the power to open and the power to lock. This concept is displayed in the symbol of the dove and the key, signifying the spirit that opens the gates of heaven. In Roman mythology, Janus, the god of doors and new beginnings, was generally represented[…]


Use this spell whenever you need for self-confidence, self-esteem, or the courage to handle a difficult situation. Items needed: One opal pendant and one red candle. Relax and let go of your fears and tensions. Take several deep breaths and then light the candle. Pick up the opal pendant, hold[…]

A Spell for Confidence and Courage

Magickally, jewels and gems are associated with spiritual truths due to their innate talismanic attributes. Like all natural substances, gemstones contain an energy or life force of their own. The color, shape, and size of the stone are what determine its magickal value. For example, because of its red color[…]


Incense, like music, speaks without words to the conscious mind. It stirs the emotions as it brings back memories of things, events, places, and people long since forgotten. Because of its evocative nature, incense has always played an important role in both religion and magick. Priests and magicians have long[…]


If you feel the one you love is not responding as he or she should, use this spell to get things going. You will need a flat container of finely grained sand (please do not use cat litter). Several hours before you plan to perform this spell, freeze a fresh[…]

Sand and Ice Love Spell

Use this spell to stop or impede an adversary or irritating person who will not take no for an answer. Items needed: One small opaque container, a bottle of Tabasco sauce, and a picture of or handwriting from the person you want to stop. Place the picture or handwriting at[…]

A Spell to Freeze Your Enemy

Given that water is symbolic of potential, swift movement, and the ability to nurture, it only stands to reason that ice be given symbolic jurisdiction as well. Water flows, promotes growth, responds to our needs, and is one of the four elements required for survival. With magick, water is used[…]


Be sure you have all the tools you will need to complete the sign you have designed or found. If you are doing an original drawing, plan it out first on a blank piece of paper. Be sure that the picture will represent the result you desire. On a round[…]

How To Make A Hex Sign

The term hex comes from Early American Folk belief, and implies the use of magick to hurt or harm another person’s body, family, or property. The hex was usually cast by a hex-doctor or sorcerer, who used deep concentration and symbolic imaginary to affect his or her target. Although the[…]


Items Needed: Green cloth pouch, red cloth paint or marker, and a pinch of each of the following herbs: Garlic Eucalyptus Cinnamon Sage Lay the pouch on a hard surface and smooth out all the wrinkles. Using the red cloth paint or marker, draw the following “healing symbol” on the[…]

All-Purpose Healing Amulet

This spell will give your new romance a kick-start. As the plant grows, so will the love and affection between you and the one you desire. Items needed: One small basil plant, earth, one rose quartz crystal, and a red flower pot. Write your name and the name of the[…]

Herb Love Spell

Use this spell to protect your property or a loved one you may feel is in danger. Items needed. One black candle, one small stone from a cemetery, black cloth pouch filled with a pinch of each of the following herbs and plants: Vervain Wormwood Thyme Oak bark Spanish moss[…]

Herb Protection Pouch

The Window Box Even the city apartment dweller has room for herbs. Take clutter off the kitchen windowsill and replace it with an attractive planter, filled with fresh, growing herbs. The following herbs and small plants are attractive and easy to grow, and are the staples of most love spells.[…]

The Urban Herb Garden

Herbs provide us with an abundance of medicinal, as well as magickal substances. Most herbs are easily grown and cared for, because in reality they are weeds. Herbs will grow in the shade, in between rocks, thrive in sandy soil, and can go for long periods of time without water.[…]


Braid That Binds This spell is intended to bind you to the one you love. You will need three long strands of hair (about 12 inches)from your head and from your loved one’s head, a strip of red ribbon, and a small cherry wood box. Braid the strands of hair[…]

Hair Magick

Hair represents strength and energy. Early Christians shaved their heads to show their devotion to the religion. In some cultures, it is seen as an act of purity to have all body hair removed before marriage. In the Middle Ages, cutting a person’s hair had symbolic value judicially and was[…]


This spell will help you find the happiness that comes from wisdom and truth. On the first Sunday after the new moon, inscribe a small circle in the earth. In the center of the circle draw the following symbol: Place a small gold candle on top of the symbol and[…]

Spell for Wisdom and Truth

The Gypsies placed great value in the power of cards. This simple spell was used to protect the family from those wishing them harm. On the face side of the ace of spades, the person’s name is written in red ink. On top of this, place a black candle and[…]

Gypsy Protection Spell

Gypsy is based on the word Egyptian and refers to Little Egypt or lesser Egypt. The people who came from this area on the outskirts of Egypt were highly skilled in natural magick and were especially gifted in their ability to divine the future. A cast of turbulent wanderers, the[…]


Most magicians are familiar with the legend of the Golem,a figure made of clay and wood that was brought to life through a process discovered by Rabbi Yehuda Low. According to Kabbalah, Jewish mysticism, the formula for creating a Golem was found in the Sefer Yetsirah, a theory of creation derived[…]


In Witchcraft and magick, glyph is a term used to describe a powerful symbol that represents a person, place, or thing. When the glyph is consecrated, and/or acted upon, it can ward off psychic attack, illness, and bad luck. Most glyphs are a combination of an individual’s name and birth[…]


Allspice (money, luck) Wear allspice oil to increase luck, especially when gambling. Allspice is added to incense to attract money. Basil (love, wealth, protection) Add basil to food, or sprinkle around the house to attract love. Carry basil in a pouch to attract money and wealth. Make a wreath of[…]

Incenses and Fragrances based on the Element of Fire

This spell is done to create friendship or make a friendship stronger. You will need a red candle to represent yourself and a pink candle to represent your friend. On the night of the full moon, write your name on the red candle and your friend’s name on the pink[…]

Friendship Spell

This simple spell is used to make a wish come true, and is especially effective if done on New Year’s Eve. It is also great way to end a romantic evening or group gathering. Items needed: One square of red paper and piece of yellow paper ribbon for each person[…]

Fireplace Magick

In the practice of magick, the element of fire relates to the South, the realm of energy and power. The potential of this element is expressed in the crackling flames of fire, lustful passions, or disciplines requiring strenuous endeavour. The element of fire promotes transformation and purification. Fire is the[…]


Gardens, especially ones designed with a purpose, will attract good fairies, gnomes, and all manner of beneficial creatures. Cultivate a nine-foot circular patch of earth. Around the perimeter, place small stones and crystals. In the centre of the circle place a stone garden gnome. Around the gnome, plant a mixture[…]

Fairy Garden Money Spell

Items needed: A blender or coffee grinder, silver glitter, dark blue jar, three silver coins, silver paint or asilver marker, and the following dried herbs ground into a fine powder: 1 tbsp. woodruff 1 tbsp. clover 1 tbsp. rose petals 1 tbsp. jasmine 1 Tbsp. meadowsweet Place the powder into[…]

Fairy Dust

For this spell, you will need a small white birthday candle, a silver coin, seven moon cookies (sugar cookies cut into crescent moons), and a secluded wooded area where you can be alone. As you walk through the woods, keep a close eye out for Fairy circles, small circular areas[…]

Fairy Wishing Spell

  Because fairies are connected to nature, their spells are usually performed outdoors. A small brook, a secret lily pond, the base of your favourite tree, or a field of wildflowers all make excellent settings for fairy magick. Even large, lush window boxes, overflowing with fragrant herbs and delicate blossoms,[…]

Fairy Magick

Please Scroll Down for Audio Compliment Auki The mountain spirit of Peru who inhabits the high Andes, called upon by the brujos (shamans) to heal the sick. The brujos will call the auki by whistling. The auki will descend, and channel its power through the brujos.   Bogie A frightening[…]

The Fairy Realm

Please Scroll to the end of the Story for Audio Compliment Fairies are magickal creatures endowed with the powers of shapeshifting and invisibility. They dwell in an invisible kingdom known as middle or lower earth. Often depicted as small humanoid beings with diaphanous wings, they look like tiny angels. However,[…]


Please Scroll down for Audio Compliment The eye is considered to be the primary organ of sense perception. It is closely associated with light, the spirit, and the sun. The eye symbolizes spiritual and mental perception and is considered to be the mirror of the soul, the organ of spiritual[…]


Please Scroll down for Audio Compliment The following herbs, oils, and incense mixtures should be used when doing earth magick. Because herbs are related to earth, their vibrations will enhance all your magickal works, especially those affiliated with the earth element. Honeysuckle (money, protection) Wear honeysuckle oil to attract money.[…]

Earth Incense and Fragrance

Please Scroll down for Audio Compliment Use this spell to win the affections of the one you desire if he or she has not returned your feelings of love. In an earthenware pot, plant a fresh cutting of ivy (which represents constant and ever growing love). Braid two lengths of[…]

Ivy Love Spell

Please Scroll down for Audio Compliment Earth is a physical reality. It symbolically represents both the womb and the grave. Earth is the element that brings forth life and then reclaims it. Magically, earth is viewed as the final outcome, a place where the other elements can physically manifest their[…]